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Victoria Gres is a top fashion brand with a 20-year history, founded by Victoria Gres. Fashion designer and a true artist, Victoria Gres creates clothing, handbags, accessories (“V by Gres”) and interior solutions (“Gres Decor”). Her vintages can be easily found across Ukraine and wider Europe. Victoria is known for her multifaceted collections, with unusual textile finishes and vintage lace accents. Ingenious combinations of forms, textures and colors are defining features of every “V by Gres” collection. Choosing Victoria Gres means valuing personal uniqueness, comfort and exquisite beauty.
2008 Victoria Gres is one of the best known designers in Ukraine. Her collections have been featured in Ukraine, Russia, USA, and Canada. Her designs are regularly featured during Ukrainian Fashion Week. In 1993 she started her career in Uzhgorod and opened the first manufactory. In two years she did the first fashion show. In 2008, she was a costume designer for the Janet Jackson's Rock Witchu Tour tour.
2014 In 2014 she designed the inauguration dress for the First Lady of Ukraine Maryna Poroshenko, a silk lavender coat dress with Ukrainian embroidery on the hem and sleeves. The dress was worn during the first part of the day, during the swearing in ceremony for the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at the Verkhovna Rada and at the Saint Sophia's Cathedral, Kiev.